New Aphex Twin Track + Video T69 Collapse

Watch out though it failed the epilepsy inducing test      07/08/18

The ever elusive Aphex Twin has released a video for a track of his forthcoming EP Collapse - released September 14th on Warp Records. Teasers  which just feature the Aphex Twin logo have been spotted in various high profile locations - London, New York and LA and Turin.

This video was due to be aired on TV last night but was pulled due to high frequency flashing imagery (watch out if you suffer!) and failed the broadcast test.

The track is called T69 Collapse and the video is as hectic as the track with advanced video toaster style effects and intense morphing Minecraft type 3D renders with Commodore style graphics. Sonically its got what sounds like a mix of old school FM, drum machines with the AT  dense rhythm arrangement and tangential breaks.

Collapse EP can be preordered via the Aphex Twin store.

Track List:

01. ‘T69 collapse’
02. ‘1st 44’
03. ‘MT1 t29r2’
04. ‘abundance10edit[2 R8’s, FZ20m & a 909]’
05. ‘pthex’




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