Reason Electric Bass As A Rack Extension

New features added for creating realistic basslines in Reason      20/07/18

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Propellerhead tells us that it’s been a classic ReFill for almost 10 years but Reason Electric Bass has now been reborn as a Rack Extension.

A spokesperson told us, “What’s still there is everything you love about the original - the eight legendary bass guitar sample libraries, the amp/mic combos, the convincing fills and human articulations. But add to that four brand new stomp box effects custom designed for bass guitar tones, an analog-modeled reamp section and brand new patches by professional sound designers, and you’ve got the next-gen way to add believable bass to your music.”


  •     Eight classic bass instruments in one Rack Extension—including the Fender Jazz and Precision, Rickenbacker, Les Paul and more
  •     Intuitive interface with advanced dynamics and dedicated expression controls for articulation
  •     Four custom stomp-boxes including EQ, Compression, Distortion and Chorus effects designed for bass processing
  •     Analog modeled amplifier capable of processing and reamping the sound
  •     Upgrade price of $39 USD for owners of Reason Electric Bass ReFill


Pricing and Availability:
The Reason Electric Bass Rack Extension is available in the propellerhead shop, with heavily discounted pricing for people who previously owned Reason Electric Bass.

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