BITWIG 2.4 Update Improves Sampler Adds More Modulation

As well as more general features and tweaks      16/07/18

Bitwig have announced the next major point update to to their DAW - now approaching 2.4. (Final release expected Summer this year).

The new update significantly increases the features of the Sampler instrument, adding key-zones, and granular capabilities ans well as many other features, including new devices, more modulation options, resizable windows and areas and more.

Bitwig 2.4 enters Beta phase imminently: 

If you have an active Upgrade Plan, you'll be among the first to get it and we'll let you know when it's ready.

2.4 Features (selected highlights)

  • Sampler overhaul
  • Extended MIDI channel support
  • New modulators: ParSeq-8, Note Counter
  • New devices: Note FX Layer, Channel Filter, Channel Map
  • Resizable tracks in Mix view
  • Resizable scenes in Arrange view
  • Colorable scenes
  • Controller take-over modes
  • On-screen controller visualization
  • Interaction-based hints
  • New quick start templates
  • Modulation workflow enhancements

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