Sonic LAB: Audient iD44 USB Audio Interface Presentation

4 Class A mic preamps and much more      11/07/18
    MP4 14:24 mins    

Audient are best known for their high end studio consoles and mic preamps, all featuring their high quality Class A preamps. Their latest audio interface is the iD44  - a 20 in 24 out USB 2.0 desktop format.

It features four Audient Class A mic preamps,  with two insert points on inputs 1+2, twin optical ADAT or S-pdif IO ports, four line output, plus two discrete headphone outputs. Additionally, there are two JFET D.I. inputs which add harmonically rich input stages good for bass, guitar and synths.

Additionally, there’s a monitor section with programmable function buttons for mono/alt speakers and more. As well as that, there’s a iD mode which turns the monitor controller knob into a mouse scroll wheel controller - hover over an on screen control and the knob will change the value - useful for automation.

It's a pretty impressive set of features with a high quality set of convertors AKM for the inputs, Cirrus Logic for the outputs. Connection is via USB-C (with adapters for regular USB connection), you do require additional 12V DC input to power those Class A mic preamps.

We had a visit from Harry Lewis from Audient who took us through the features.

Audient ID-44 is priced at £499/$699 and represents good value for a highly specified audio interface.


  • 60dB Mic gain
  •  120dB Dynamic Range ADC
  • 126dB Dynamic Range DAC
  • -126dB Mic Pre EIN
  • Sample rate 24/96

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