Vertigo Sound Gyrator EQ Emulated

VSE-2 Plug in recreates the sound of the hardware while adding new facilities      10/07/18

Vertigo Sound Gyrator EQ Emulated

The VSE-2 is the first independent plug-in release by Vertigo Sound. They say that it provides all the fine sonic details of its $6500 analog counterpart plus some new additional options like switchable bandwidth and control of the harmonic content.

A spokesperson told us, "Originally proposed in 1948, a gyrator is a type of electronic network that can be used at the heart of equaliser designs as an alternative to its even older inductor predecessor. Although inductors are still popular with some designers looking for a vintage sound, they have inherent issues like ringing and odd harmonics. On the other hand, gyrators can work better than the ‘real thing’ and give the designer more freedom, a factor put to work in the VSE-2 to create, among other things, a tube-like distortion spectrum."

VSE-2 Features

  •     Discrete Gyrator EQ based Hardware emulation
  •     Tube like Distortion Spectrum up to 1% THD
  •     Smooth and Punchy Vintage Console EQ Sound
  •     Unique A.I.R Mode (Enhancement of the auditory threshold)
  •     18 selectable frequencies
  •     Hi Pass Filter 10Hz-400Hz
  •     Cut & Boost steps +-: 1dB, 2dB, 3,5dB, 5,5dB, 8dB with proportional Q


Pricing and Availability:
Introductory price:  99.00 € (approx. $115 USD). Regular price: 239 € (approx. $279 USD)

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