DEAL: Brainworx BX_Subsynth 67% Saving - Monster Bass Subharmonics

Ends tomorrow: Beef up your low end, and enhance the stereo      02/07/18

Another Summer sale for you ends tomorrow - July 3rd 

bx_subsynth is loosely based on what the classic dBX 120P subharmonic bass enhancer does, but with Brainworx own take on the process and features. It can be used to beef up the low end for individual tracks, subgroups, or final masters. 

It works on the principal of waveform re-synthesis, creating subharmonic signals which can be then be summed to mono (user definable cut off point)  while enhancing the overall mid-side stereo of any signal. The fact that it re-synthesizes, means that it still feels like part of the original material

Brainworx bx_subsynth usually goes for around £133 but is currently on offer at for £43.94 (roughly 67% discount).

There is plenty of control of the mix and frequency of the subharmonic content which can really open up the low end of most sounds. It certainly seems to go down well with the customers over there, with a full five star rating.



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