Older Novas And Supernovas Get Editor

Mystery Islands Novation SNX AU/VST Librarian Editor is for first generation synths      22/06/18

Older Novas And Supernovas Get Editor

Mystery Islands tells us that Novation SNX is an AudioUnit and VST Editor / Librarian plug-in to control first generation Novation Nova and Supernova hardware synthesizer right from your DAW. They say that the Novation Nova II and Supernova II models have their own editor called SN2X. Here's the details in their own words...

Novation SNX (formerly NovaX) is AudioUnit and VST Editor & Librarian plug-in for first generation Novation Nova and Supernova. Faster control and automation access than ever, SNX takes your Novation Nova / Supernova into a whole new level in the game! Control the same way you use your VSTi and AudioUnit plug-ins. Connect your Hardware seamlessly into your DAW. SNX will recall your patch settings when you open your project and the data will be sent to your Novation Nova / Supernova -series automatically once you open your project. The only thing you need to worry, is that you power-up your synth.

We are also looking forward to add the ability to load in Novation UltraNova and Novation MiniNova patches! (WHAT? Yes, but with the Nova standards of course!) You can run our plug-in in Mac AudioUnit & VST format and PC VST format (both 32 & 64bit).

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This item will be released on 27/07/2018.

£26.31 inc. VAT

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