Two Free Modules For Softube Modular

Quantizer and Doepfer A-114 Ring Modulator are included in the Modular package      21/06/18

Two Free Modules For Softube Modular

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Softube says that a modular synthesizer without modules is just a box and that, having researched the market and found the ‘just a box’ sector saturated, they decided to provide brilliant modules instead.

A spokesperson told us, “Our virtual Eurorack synth, Modular, already comes with more than thirty ‘base-set’ modules included, but we’ve added two more, because while it’s already an amazing instrument, making it bigger and better never gets old.”

Here’s the details direct from Softube…

Doepfer A-114 Ring Modulator
A very simple utility with very complex outcomes – this dual ring modulator module takes two audio inputs and multiplies them,resulting in hard to predict harmonic-rich super-waveforms. Great for making harsh and metallic sounds, bells and chimes, and crackling pulsing basslines, or for throwing incoming acoustic audio into crazy and creative disarray.

The task of a quantizer is to take infinite possible values and make them conform to a limited number of options. Usually used to take pitch information and make it conform to a scale for the creation of desirably melodic patches, your new quantizer will also quantize CV information for other purposes; stepping the progress of an LFO, for example.

Pricing and Availability:
The Doepfer A-114 Ring Modulator and the Quantizer come for free with the Modular package

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