Holon - A Physiological Music App For iOS

Control a synthesis engine with biomechanical movement and biosignals      21/06/18

Holon - A Physiological Music App For iOS

Holonic Systems, a leading adaptive biomusic technology developer, has released the first version of functional music app Holon for iOS. They describe it as the world’s first auditory mixed reality app controlled by biomechanical movement and tell us that it is available on the App Store, with support for Apple Watch (Series 2 or newer) and Suunto Movesense smart sensors. Here's the story in their own words...

Holon is the first consumer product of Holonic Systems, created using their forthcoming Holon.ist open world music engine. Holon allows users to control a synthesis engine with their biomechanical movement and biosignals - their behaviour. Users become a physical part of the musical circuitry in a process known as embodiment.

Additionally, Holon enables multi-user participation, as it features an advanced Ableton Link implementation that also synchronises Holon with external hardware and software instruments.

Holon is based on principles of affective design and biomusicology and puts the user in the centre of an open world of interactive audio. Holon provides a synthetic musical accompaniment that is closely linked to your biology, environment and level of activity. Holon combines sensor data from different sources with synthesis parameters to create a perceptually grounded functional music experience.

“Holon couples motion with sound in an immersive, physical experience that supports and encourages you to move in different ways. As most music consumption is based around the function it provides, such as entrainment, isolation or mood regulation, we figured that using the motor system to create adaptive, abstract synth music works better than playlists”, says Holonic Systems’ CEO, Ove Holmqvist. “Motor control beats button control”, he adds.

Holon is a passive app that leaves your hands free, resulting in reduced screen time, increased awareness, better posture and improved gait. Functional feedback can improve focus, motivation, endurance and performance during exercise. Holon can also be used for relaxation, yoga, meditation, dance or anything involving motion or micromovements.Holon is a groundbreaking concept that has many applications for sports, rehabilitation, music therapy and everyday health, for example, when used in active commuting.

Notable features:
- step rate controlled drums
- heart rate sonification and tempo control*
- automatic vehicle musification
- solar/lunar tracking and panning
- local weather sequence
- position and speed modulation
- altitude FX
- multiuser mode based on Ableton Link
- Apple Watch app

*Additional devices, such as the waterproof and shockproof 9-axis Suunto Movesense smart sensor, add features and many more interactions to the experience.

Minimum system requirements:
A data plan, headphones, iOS 11 and an iPhone 6 or later are required to use Holon.

Pricing and Availability:
Holon is available to download immediately, in all Apple App Stores.

Holon is currently free of charge, but for complete functional biofeedback, Apple Watch (Series 2 or newer) and Suunto Movesense sensors can be enabled through an In-App Purchase (IAP), eachEUR 4,49 / USD 4.99

Suunto Movesense smart sensors and accessories can be purchased here. Cost of individual sensors start from EUR 39,50 + VAT + delivery.




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