MIDIBot Probability Engine For Rhythm and Melody

Affordable MIDI plug-in for AU/VST      20/06/18

MIDIBot  Probability Engine For Rhythm and Melody

We got a message from developer Robby Kilgore, who in a former life was  aproducer/session player with Malcolm McLaren, Lauri Anderson, Steve Winwood, Tom Waites, Midge Ure and many others.  He is also a Grammy Award winning composer and producer with several film and television scores to his credit.

These days, the day job is working on speech recognition, but in his spare time Robby codes plug-ins.


MidiBot is a poly-rhythmic pulse generator that probabilistically adds rhythmic and harmonic material as MIDI triggered sequences. It’s basically DrumToy with a ton of extra functionality thrown in.


In the video there are two MidiBots running in Logic Pro X. The two instrument channels (bass & chimes) being triggered with some randomization applied to a couple of parameters. Additionally, Logic’s automation curves are animating two of MidiBot’s parameters (Fill Probability & Range) as it plays back in sync with the track.  This controlled chaos can yield some pretty subtle yet surprising results. MidiBot is endlessly fun to jam with.

Available now priced at $5.00 from Robbykilgore.com





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