Analogue Solutions Treadstone For Eurorack

Synth voice now available for the rack      20/06/18

Analogue Solutions Treadstone For Eurorack

Analogue Solutions announced that their Desktop Synth in the Synthblocks range -  Treadstone - is now available as a Eurorack format module.

Treadstone is an analogue synth voice with pre-routed signal path. In the video below, the Desktop Treadstone, which has the same features, is featured.


  • VCO with pulse width and Sub Osc
  • 24db SSM low pass filter
  • LFO
  • VCA
  • EG
  • Digital echo
  • MIDI to CV converter
  • Many patch sockets


Pricing and Availability:

Treadstone Eurorack is starting to ship now priced at £359/€419/$399

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