Free 707 Drums For Ableton Live

Ableton Drum Rack revisits the classic drum machine used by Aphex Twin and Daft Punk      15/06/18

ELPHNT tells us that 707 is a faithful recreation of the classic Roland TR-707 drum machine used by artists such as Aphex Twin, Daft Punk, Plastikman and more. They say that the Ableton Drum Rack takes it one step further by presenting you with simple to use Macro controls to transform the sound well beyond the possibilities of the original hardware. A spokesperson had this to say…

“The Roland TR-707 Rhythm Composer is a sample based drum machine manufactured by Roland starting in 1984. The 707 was a staple of early house music and features sounds reminiscent of the TR-909. It’s been used by artists as diverse as Aphex Twin and Phil Collins. The original hardware is entirely sample based and the only control available for each hit is volume, however by building the samples into an Ableton Drum Rack you're presented with many more options for sound transformation, allowing the sound to be manipulated well beyond what’s possible with the original hardware. Each drum hit has been sampled 4 times (called round-robin sampling) to capture the small fluctuations in circuitry that often gives hardware instruments their unique sound.”

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