Free Patches For Reason's Europa Synth

20 custom patches from Andrew Huang      11/06/18

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Propellerhead  says that you can get great sounds quickly with free Europa by Reason patches from Andrew Huang. Andrew created 20 custom patches for Europa by Reason which you can download from the link below and load up in Europa (the patches are already included in the VST/AU version).

A spokesperson told us, "Andrew Huang has released over 2,000 songs in a massive range of genres. He is perhaps best known for the strange feats of musicianship which have earned him over 1.3 million subscribers and 170 million views on his YouTube channel. He has rapped 300 words in a minute, and maybe you know him from his Glorious MIDI unicorn video?"

Propellerhead says that all Reason 1-9 customers can upgrade to Reason 10 for $129 USD / €129 EUR and will get the Europa VST/AU plugin free.

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