Modular Synth Controlled From A Theremin

WaveLicker Thereminator Eurorack module in video action      31/05/18

Theremin player Coralie Ehinger (Therminal C) has posted this video showcasing the WaveLicker Thereminator. This is what she has to say about it...

Swiss company WaveLicker designed Thereminator specially for interfacing a theremin to synthesizers. It is a eurorack module that takes the control voltage signal of the theremin’s antennas and convert it into 3 gate and 3 trigger signals. Up to three different thresholds points can be edited and stored. This is great, because you can adjust the distance (= where in space the trig happens) without changing your theremin playing settings. You can patch it with the pitch or with the volume antenna CV. In this video, i used the volume antenna only because i find it easier to get a musical application with it.

Alain Gillièron - the boss of WaveLicker - created Thereminator on my request. He made an external gate for my theremin about a year ago. It boosted my creativity and totally changed my solo theremin performance : i am not using any playback nor computer device on stage anymore. I can play synth and my theremin simulteanously. So, we decided to improve this device and develop a eurorack module, so that other people can have access to this "augmented" theremin playing. I am totally addicted to this module! I am very thankful to Alain Gillièron, all the energy and time he dedicated to this project.

 I've been testing the prototype for a 3 months and I made 5 patches to show different ideas.

  • 00:51 Patch#1 - drums playing
  • 01:08 Patch#2 - shoot & freeze sample
  • 01:43 Patch#3 - it rings
  • 03:23 Patch#4 - step by step
  • 04:20 Patch#5 - percussive ADSR


Thereminator is pretty simple to use. A calibration is requested before using it, to assure full compatibility with your theremin. After that, it is just a matter of practice : theremin playing is very subtle and sensitive, so using Thereminator accurately also requires some training.

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