Accusonus Beatformer Beat Sculpting Plug-In

Boom, Punch, Squash and Air controls offer transparent or extreme sound manipulation      30/05/18

Accusonus has announced the immediate release of Beatformer, which they describe as an all-in-one beat sculpting plug-in for the modern beat maker. They say that Beatformer allows users to effortlessly shape their beats, without compromising their character and musicality.

Alex Tsilfidis, CEO of accusonus, told us, “In accusonus, we believe that as technology is evolving beat making must become more intuitive and inspiring. Music creation is all about creativity and when our users are 'in the zone', they need fast workflows. With Beatformer we offer advanced technology in an intuitive user interface. This allows us to facilitate the fast workflows of our users but at the same time to preserve character and musicality. We think of Beatformer as the perfect companion to Regroover, our flagship drum loop un-mixing plugin.”

Here's more of what accusonus has to say...

You can use Beatformer in every beat track, either you want transparent or extreme sound manipulation. The plugin has four intuitive controls (Boom, Punch, Squash and Air) that offer powerful Digital Signal Processing in a delicate design. With more than a dozen high-quality algorithms under the hood, Beatformer opens up a wide range of musical beat shaping possibilities.

Use Beatformer to:

  • Glue your drum mix together
  • Bring energy into overprocessed loops
  • Easily enhance your beat’s dynamics
  • Add colour and personal character to your beats
  • Add substance to thin sounds
  • Instantly transform the sound of your beats


Pricing and Availability:
Beatformer (AU, VST, AAX 64-bit Mac & VST, AAX 64-bit Win) is immediately available at intro price $79 (Reg: $99).

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