DSP-Quattro Reaches Version Cinque

Major version 5 update for Mac OSX audio editing, CD mastering and plug-in hosting app      25/05/18

DSP-Quattro Reaches Version Cinque

DSP-Quattro, an AudioEditor, AudioCD Mastering tool and a plug-in Host for MacOS has been updated to version 5.

What's new in v5:

  • 64 Bits Audio and Graphic Engines
  • Multithread internal engine
  • Compiled using the last MacOS X libraries, ready for next MacOS X versions
  • A self-contained Project keeps safely all used audio files ready for future edits
  • Both sandboxed and not sandboxed application versions are available
  • 64 bits Audio Unit effect and instruments plug-ins fully supported
  • Extended audio file formats support, including long audio files
  • Compressed audio files import without requesting any user action
  • Internal mp3 encoding engine, no need to install any external library
  • iTunes Plus AAC export option from both the Audio Editor and AudioCD Layout
  • New X-Fade Looping Editor
  • New Time Stretching and Frequency Shifter phase-locked algorithms
  • New Mixer section
  • It is possible to synchronize several Input Recorders as well as the Output Recorder
  • Easy and Advanced edit modes on the AudioCDLayout


Pricing and Availability:
Upgrade: €49,00/US$49.00
Full version: €99,00/US$99.00
Special introductory price: 20% off until June 15th.

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