Superbooth 2018: Roundup

Some of the good stuff we found at the show      14/05/18

Superbooth is becoming one of the most interesting and enjoyable shows for us. This year surpassed our expectations and despite having to work our asses of to bring you all this lovely content, we all thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.

Here’s are some of the highlights from the show, it's by no means all of the stuff we shot, you can view the full playlist here.


Mammoth Oscillators!

  • XAOC Odessa - Something that we haven’t fully seen in eurorack yet, a proper additive oscillator, 512 partials... And lots of ways to interact with them. Lovely stuff from XAOC as usual..

  • ACL Multi Function Discrete VCO - We first caught wind of the quality of ACL stuff last year thanks to Patrick at Alex 4 telling us we had to go and check it out. We were very impressed so decided to go back and see Stefan at ACL to see what their new VCO was all about. We weren’t disappointed and the weight and depth that Stefan was getting out of this stuff was very very impressive. But then thatss what ACL are all about. High quality analogue scheisse…

  • 4ms Spherical Wavetable Oscillator  - The first public outing of this insane wavetable oscillator was at last years superbooth, we were impressed then but since then we haven’t had the chance to fully hear exactly what it can do, we got a great feature run down with Hugo at this years NAMM however he felt like we didn’t get enough sounds of it in action. So this year Hugo was keen to give a load of sounds of the wavetables in action. We imagine with just a little bit of CV input this wavetable could fully become the heart of your set up… The amount of stuff it can do is absolutely mind boggling.

  • ALM DCO - A bit of a surprise from Matthew at ALM was his take on the digital oscillator that had some great and interesting sounds coming out of it. A wavetable oscillator with a load of different waveforms, but the most interesting is that you get a dedicated PWM output that allows you to do PWM on any of the waveforms so you can this lovely Alpha Juno style PWM. Nick will be happy then….


  • Five 12  - Numerology in Eurorack From the people who make the Numerology sequencer for OSX - which has been widely adopted for it's probability and variations. The Eurorack module has all of that plus excellent connectivity with an additional expander module for more outputs.

  • Pittsburgh Modular Sequence Designer  - 4x32 step sequencer with live mode and 32 seq storage

  • Polyend/Dreadbox Medusa - a monster 6 oscillator (3 analog, 3 digital) with complete parameter recall per pad (64 of them) all have X/Y/Z controller assignment


Drum Modules and Drum machines - Highlights include

  • Behringer RD-808  - Probably the biggest product in terms of video views was the Behringer RD808 an analogue clone of the classic Roland beat box, in a larger format, with separate outs, MIDI, Moffatt filter and Wave Shaper (per track). Still a pre-production prototype - it may develop more - hoping for an August release

  • MFB TanzBar II - more classic MFB drum machine with XX voices, parameter recording, and a single analogue voice with VCF

  • Erica Synths Techno Drum System -  full system with 15 different modules and the drum system brain

  • Blk_Noir drum synth - five voice drum module with sound shaping and individual outputs with some clever design features.

  • Dasz Alex - the standalone modular beats, synth  and recording system continues to evolve

  • Synthstrom Deluge - not strictly just a drum machine but a complete workstation - stuffed with features


  • Dreadbox Erebus 3 - two oscillators, more patch points, extra functions develop the classic Erebus sound


  • Behringer Odyssey - another pre production unit, essentially a full size recreation of the Karp - with the three filter revisions a step sequencer, plus Klark Teknik FX

  • IK Multimedia Uno Synth - affordable 2 oscillator mono synth, in compact form - €199 (+tax) their first hardware synth

  • Syntonovo PAN - from the original creators of the Synton Syrinx and Fenix, with a totally new programmable modular system as well as the new expressive keybed that they have developed.

  • Kijimi - a Poly Kobol inspired 8 voice poly, from the people who made Deckard’s Dream not available yet

  • Behringer MS-101 (Music Radar)a- the promised clone of the Roland SH-101 in three colours, with modulation grip too.



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