Moogs New Grandmother Synth Channels Radioshack

Limited edition run for Moogfest      14/05/18

Ahead of Moogfest,  coming up in Asheville NC at the end of the week, Moog have announced a new limited edition mono synth which apears to be a semi-modular analogue synthesizer.

It seems to be designed in a modular style with each section of the synth having its own separate module, with two analogue oscillators, plus that Moog ladder filter, HP 1 pole filter, Sequencer/Arpeggiator and a Spring reverb.

Visitors to Moogfest will be able to buy the Grandmother at $899 with the first 500 units being a special Moogfest edition and coming with an exclusive denim jacket.

Reminds us of some kind of lovechild of the Radio  Shack MG-1 and a kids electronics kit circa 1980.

  • 100% analog synthesizer with 32-note Fatar keybed
  • Semi-modular design, requires no patching to play
  • All normalized connections can be interrupted for full modularity
  • Hardware Spring Reverb can be used to process external sounds
  • 1/4” External audio input for guitars, drum machines, and more
  • Easy to use Arpeggiator and Sequencer
  • Store up to 3 sequences with up to 256 notes each
  • 2 Analog Oscillators with selectable waveshape and hard sync
  • Classic 4-Pole 10Hz-20kHz Ladder filter
  • Patchable 1-Pole High Pass filter
  • Analog ADSR Envelope Generator
  • Analog LFO with audio-rate capabilities
  • DIN MIDI In/Out/Thru and USB MIDI
  • Patchable bipolar attenuator
  • Works with Mother-32, DFAM, Eurorack modular systems and more
  • 41 patch points with 21 inputs, 16 outputs and a Parallel-Wired 4-jack Mult

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