VOLT Synthesizer Updated

Numerical Audio's virtual synth with MPE capability adds iPhone support      10/05/18

VOLT Synthesizer Updated

Numerical audio tells us that they have released a massive update for their recently released VOLT synthesizer, adding a number of new features improvements and bug-fixes. Here’s the details in their own words…

First and foremost, VOLT is now universal and supports all devices starting with the iPhone 5s. Additionally, iPad layouts have been also tweaked to better accommodate 10.5 and 12.9inch models and overall usability has been improved with more sensitive controls and realtime value readouts.

Next, the onscreen keyboard has received a makeover with a fresh new look, a new string style layout complete with scales, sensitivity controls, the ability to configure up to 6 stacked rows and a new fullscreen mode which is great for performing.
What's more, all layouts fully support MPE with glide, slide, velocity and pressure (on iPhones capable of 3d touch) making it 4d MPE compatible even without any hardware attached.

In addition, the 1.2 update adds support for multiple MIDI devices and channel settings making it possible to connect additional hardware such as breath-controllers or pedals when running in standalone mode.

Last but not least, the update includes a long list of bug-fixes addressing various issues including crashes related to audio hardware and preset changes as well as MIDI hardware and tempo sync.

Pricing and Availability:

VOLT is on sale for the coming week ending May 16th
Sale price is $9.99
Regular price will increase from $14.99 to $19.99 once sale has ended

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