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Fat Channel plug-ins are now available for StudioLive Series III      09/05/18

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PreSonus says that, thanks to advanced engineering and the unique interoperability between PreSonus hardware and software, you can now enhance your StudioLive Series III mixer and Studio One Fat Channel with plug-in processors. These plug-ins are virtual signal processors that load in any StudioLive Series III console or rack mixer’s Fat Channel, expanding the Fat Channel processor library much like plug-ins do in a DAW. Each plug-in comes in both StudioLive Series III format and Studio One format so you can use your new processor in both Fat Channels. Persons tells us that no other mixer anywhere near StudioLive Series III’s price class has expandable processing. Here’s more details in their own words…

PreSonus Fat Channel plug-ins are state-space modeled by world-class engineers with Ph.D.’s in analog signal processing to faithfully produce the sound and response of the original hardware processors. The initial release includes 15 EQs and dynamics processors, which are available individually or in bundles.

The four Fat Channel plug-ins that constitute the PreSonus Bundle are models of classic PreSonus hardware processors and are free to all registered users of StudioLive Series III consoles and rack mixers. The Classic Studio, Modern Classics, and Vintage Channel Strips bundles may be purchased individually from authorized PreSonus dealers or from shop.presonus.com—or supercharge your StudioLive Series III mixer and Studio One by purchasing all three bundles, for a total of 11 plug-in processors, in the Fat Channel Collection, Volume 1.

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