Superbooth 2018: Bastl Instruments - Great Poly Patch Demo

New MIDI to CV gives you everything you need to keep your oscillators in tune!      04/05/18

Bastl always have something interesting to show off at the trade shows and their new 1983 MIDI to CV converter on the face of it may seem a little underwhelming, however the ease at which this module can tune your oscillators makes the module a must have for anyone who wants to make simple poly patches. 

The Timber module is a flexible wave shaping module that can produce rich timbres by adding harmonics to any signal. It has 2 different wave shaping circuits that are controlled by the same parameters. Both shapers are classic Serge inspired designs that have been heavily modified and enhanced with a voltage controlled crossfader.

We were very impressed by this patch and idea behind the creating a four voice additive synth with wavefolders is very inspired. 

More info at Bastl Instruments


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