Superbooth 2018: New MacBeth Elements EL2

US 3 Osc, 2 env      01/05/18

Superbooth 2018: New MacBeth Elements EL2

MacBeth Studio Systems have been working on a new synth just in time for Superbooth - the new Elements EL2 is of a similar form to the Elements, which is an analogue synthesizer with a metal touch keyboard, and on board spring reverb.

The Elements 2 has  the same features set, including the Ultrabender control, with some additional tweaks (we'll check them out this week). 

Here's the original Elements:

MacBeth's synthesizers are in high demand, he does not mass produce, instead preferring to work in through hole construction. There's usually a waiting list for his stuff, so you may have to book early to avoid disappointment.

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