Superbooth 2018: Syntonovo Is Nearly Ready - Here's What We Last Saw

Syrinx derived synthesizer with new keybed technology      30/04/18

At last year's Superbooth, we spoke to one of the original designers of the Synton Syrinx  - Felix Visser - lovely chap. They were showing their new key bed technology - which was their primary focus of their booth - its a variant of MPE with  pressure, and key position sensing. As a result they needed an instrument to demonstrate it. So they "knocked up" a demo unit based on their original Syrinx synth design. We had a chat with Felix.

It seems that there was so much interest in the synth part, that they have been working on that part of it since last year. This will be on show again at Superbooth which starts on Thursday this week - we will of course be there to find out what we can. 

There's more info on the Syntonovo web page.



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