LoopCloud 2.0 - Millions Of Samples Directly In Your DAW

Audition and place samples in a creative context      26/04/18
    MP4 12:3 mins    

Loopcloud.net 2.0 is out today  - with access to literally millions of Loopmasters samples, pay as you go, and to get you started there's a lot of free content.

Olly Burke came to Sonic Towers to show us around the new Loopcloud.

Its an elegant system, install the free Loopcloud application and plug-in,  add the Loopcloud plug-in to your DAW and the Loopcloud application can stream the samples, tempo and key matched directly into your production. The new system also allows you to buy individual samples, or entire packs, mix and match.

The tagging and labeling are well organized, allowing you to find entire sample packs or just individual samples. What makes it highly usable is that it pipes directly into a channel on your DAW, so you can audition directly into your production - add effects, processing, then click to purchase (samples are usually around 25 credits - about 25 pence).

We have tried it out and found that aside from the actual purchasing of loops and sample, its a useful creative tool, hearing samples and loops in context frequently triggers additional creative ideas and can take your music in directions you may not immediately have thought of.

To get you started LoopCloud are giving away 500 free sample credits (not time limited), plus there's around 1GB of free stuff to get you started, plus a weekly free set of roughly 150 samples to add yo your collection.

There's no subscription fee, just buy some credits, and use them whenever you like - they do not expire. Whats more its free to join and use.

New Features for Loopcloud.net 2.0

  • – Audition the entire Loopmasters catalogue in your DAW – Stream millions of samples whether you own them or not – Buy individual sounds, folders and packs directly from Loopcloud
  • – Sounds match your project’s key automatically for easy auditioning
  • – Loopcloud automatically connects to any DAW via the Loopcloud plugin 
  • – Tagging is improved to help you choose from millions of sounds
  • – Upgraded GUI and graphics, and general optimisation
  • – Software updates are performed automatically Recent Updates (Version 1.4)
  • – Drag pitched, time-stretched and sequenced audio directly to your DAW
  • – History navigation: never lose the files you found, and repeat custom searches easily
  • – Improved file searching and retrieval
  • – Audition and export your files in half time and double time Original Loopcloud Benefits
  • – Get a 150 sounds every week just by opening the app
  • – Instantly search through a library of samples tagged for genre, key, type and more
  • – Timestretch and pitch-shift audio to audition with your project
  • – Audition one-shot samples with preset rhythms in time with your project

Sign up for a free account at Loopcloud.net




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