May Is MIDI Month

The MIDI Association Launches a month long promotion and membership drive      24/04/18

May Is MIDI Month

The MIDI Association (TMA), the global community of people who work, play and create with MIDI, is launching their May is MIDI Month membership and donation drive in May, 2018. Here’s the press release that they have sent us…
The key elements of the month-long promotion include:

  • Website redesign - To create more value for MIDI Association members, the website is being updated with a cleaner, more contemporary design and expanded functionality.
  • Downloads of the new specifications - The MPE and MIDI-CI specifications adopted at Winter NAMM 2018 will be available for download on the site in May.
  • MIDI Tip of the Day - Craig Anderton, one of the industry's best-known writers and a TMA board member, will present a new MIDI tip every day on the site.
  • A MIDI Message newsletter every week in May - Four special issues will cover new MIDI developments, links to the daily tips, and feature a new MIDI artist of the week.
  • MIDI News Coverage of Musikmesse, Super Booth, ASCAP Expo and MoogFest

The MIDI Association Goal

New MIDI standards adopted at Winter NAMM 2018 (MPE and MIDI-CI) extend expressiveness and ease of use, and a new MIDI protocol targeted for completion later this year will further address the needs of end users and manufacturers alike. The MIDI Association's goal: raise $10,000 during May to develop video content that explains the benefits of these new technologies to the world. The MIDI Association is a volunteer non-profit that puts all of the money raised back into member services.
"May is MIDI Month" Platinum Corporate Sponsorships
A number of companies have committed to being Platinum sponsors, including: Ableton, IK Multimedia, Moog, Nektar, Roli, Sweetwater, and Yamaha. Platinum corporate sponsors have agreed to match up to $1,500 in individual member donations for the month. With 6 Platinum sponsors, $1,500 donated to The MIDI Association by individuals in May will become $10,500 for the organization.
"May is MIDI Month" is an example of the how MIDI companies, the press/media, and individual MIDI users can work together to create a powerful synergy between all key MIDI stakeholders.
The MIDI Association offers FREE instructional materials, including tutorials. videos, and specifications, to all of its members. Membership is FREE and open to all.
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