NIIO analog IOTINE CORE 4 In Action

US 3-layer hardware sound sculptor with Electribe, TR-8 and MC-505      16/04/18

The IOTINE CORE standalone audio processor has been around for a while but its manufacturer NIIO analog has posted a series of new videos of the latest IOTINE CORE 4  in action in the last few days which some of you may find interesting.

IOTINE CORE 4 with Electribe #1


IOTINE CORE 4 with TR-8 kick 


Here's what NIIO analog has to say about the IOTINE CORE:

For any sound source, the IOTINE CORE is a sound sculpting dream with 3 powerful audio layers within a high quality hardware unit.  Within the IOTINE CORE the audio and modulation paths are kept as pure as possible for uncompromised raw analog audio quality.  The user interface features direct analog access to the audio and modulation circuitry which allows satisfying and precise control over the sound.  Subtle shaping to deep sound modification is achievable, and within each of the three audio layers a mellow and smooth to dense and intense sound can be achieved.

By using the 3 VCFs and 2 VCAs the IOTINE CORE creates a dense sound composite that is further enhanced with 14 unique saturation circuits.  These SATs offer a range of component level extremes that add a variety of sonic textures that can be used with varying degrees of intensity.

The other equally important aspect of the IOTINE CORE is moving the sound with Dynamic Analog Modulation that is responding to the incoming audio.  Two precise analog modulators follow one of 3 audio inputs down to the waveform level and offer a range of real time modulation that moves and affects the sound in harmony with any of the audio inputs.   This creates an evolving and dynamic sound that is deeply engaging and responsive.

More than the sum of its parts, the IOTINE CORE creates an enjoyably powerful sound shaping tool that is sure to please.

The two main channels (CH1 & 2) can select from two ¼” audio inputs and each includes a VCF and VCA along with 6 SAT circuits. The POST channel can run after CH1/CH2 either in parallel or in series with, or select from the two ¼” inputs and includes a 2nd type of VCF along with division and octave circuits. With each channel a mellow and smooth to dense and intense sound can be achieved. The 3 channels are mixed internally through a MIX out, or individually patched with their own ¼” out.

Use with HARDWARE either directly connected into the inputs on the IOTINE CORE, or routed through the effects sends on a mixer. When using mixer sends: use 2 sends patched into the 2 inputs on the IOTINE CORE, and patch either the MIX output or the 3 individual outputs back into the mixer. If further sends are available, the separate channels of the IOTINE CORE can then be sent out to other effects, etc.

Use with SOFTWARE by patching the IOTINE CORE into the soundcard or mixer connected to the computer. Audio tracks and or soft synths and samplers can be used live, or re-recorded back into the mix.

Table top or 3U rack mount usage.

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