ADAM Audio Ships T Series Studio Monitors

US T5V and T7V studio monitors are now available worldwide      06/04/18

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ADAM Audio has announced that its new T5V and T7V studio monitors, which we took a look at at the NAMM show, are now available worldwide. They say that the T series of nearfield monitors is designed specifically for engineers, sound designers, DJs and musicians – just about everyone who works professionally with recording or music production workflows.

Christian Hellinger, CEO at ADAM Audio, told us, "With the T series, our engineers have developed a speaker that satisfies our high expectations of a professional studio monitor that we can offer at an extremely attractive price point. With their wide frequency response – the T5V offers between 45 Hz and 25 kHz, the T7V from 39 Hz to 25 kHz – and low distortion, this series provides an excellent yet affordable solution.”

Here's more details direct from ADAM Audio...

Accommodating a 5” and 7” woofer respectively, both the T5V and the T7V profit from the latest audio technology. The HPS waveguide projects sound with high accuracy and precision, while the newly developed U-ART tweeter works to prevent hearing fatigue during long studio sessions. Both speakers incorporate an angled housing design to prevent edge diffraction artefacts, DSP-controlled frequency splitters and equalizers as well as analog connections (XLR/RCA).

The U-ART tweeter’s air velocity ratio of 4:1 combines with the excellent new Class D amplifier’s excellent dynamic response to generate impressive maximum SPL levels of 106 and 110 dB.  Thanks to their wide sweet-spot and compact footprint, both studio monitors are outstandingly suited to smaller production spaces in the music, audio post and broadcast industries.  

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