Modular Synth In Software

TAL-Mod for Mac and Windows features virtual patch cables to set up the modulation      05/04/18

Modular Synth In Software

Togu Audio Line tells us that TAL-Mod, just released in a Beta version, is a virtual analog synthesizer with an exceptional sound and almost unlimited modulation possiblities.

A spokesperson told us, "TAL-Mod's special oscillator model is able to create a wide range of sounds, from classic mono to rich stereo leads, effects and pads. Routings can be done with virtual patch cables. Just connect a modulation output with a modulation target. After that it's possible to adjust the intensity of the modulation. You don't need to be a modular expert. The plug-in is suitable for beginners and experts!"


  •     3 oscillators with optional saw, pulse, triangle and sine waveforms.
  •     1 additional noise oscillator with adjustable color.
  •     2 high quality analog sounding resonance filters with different modes (LP, HP, Notch, All Pass, BP).
  •     Different filter routing possiblities (parallel and serial). With the possiblity to choose the oscillator sources.
  •     Full stereo signal path.
  •     FM / RingMode support.
  •     2 oscillators support hard sync for saw, pulse, triangle waveforms.
  •     Create stereo sounds and rich harmonics with additional oscillators (up to 7 sound generators per oscillator for osc I and osc II).
  •     2 lfo's with different waveforms, sync, trigger, unipolar modes and the possibility to modulate the rate.
  •     2 adsr's.
  •     Modulation envelope with spline or optional step mode. Trigger and host sync mode.
  •     Almost unlimited modulation possibilities with patch cable routing.
  •     Optional sequencer or arpeggiator.
  •     Basic effects: high pass filter, chorus, eq, reverb and delay.
  •     Mono and polyphonic mode.
  •     Microtuning support.
  •     Resizable UI.
  •     You choose your favorite UI colors.


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