Semi-Modular Synthesizer For VCV Rack

US Semiramis features three different oscillators with different sound generation algorithms      04/04/18

Semiramis is a complete semimodular synthesizer for VCV Rack. A spokesperson told us, "Its classic signal path can be changed and modulated in every conceivable way - it's a true sound design weapon with the simplicity of a typical synthesizer."

Main features:

  •     Semimodular synthesizer
  •     Presets support
  •     Three different oscillators with different sound generation algorithms
  •     Parallel lowpass and hipass filters with audio input
  •     Equipped with delay effect
  •     Two LFOs with different waveforms and polarity
  •     Filter and amplitude ADSR envelopes
  •     Every parameter can be modulated with the dedicated CV inputs
  •     Each oscillator, the filter, the LFOs and the envelopes have separate outputs, for full modular integration
  •     Comprehensive and clear manual included


Pricing and Availability:

15 EUR

More information:




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