60 Knobs and 60 Jacks Could Be Your Ideal CV/Control Solution

Million Machine March have an idea      04/04/18

60 Knobs and 60 Jacks Could Be Your Ideal CV/Control Solution

The BASTL 60 Knobs is a simple concept - just a box of knobs - hey did we just coin a new acronym? (JABOK). Maybe not, anyhow this simple concept provides a useful way to map desired controls for controlling your MIDI stuff. 

What about if you added 60 jacks too and made them available as CV inputs?  Thats what Chris of Million Machine March is thinking too. The BASTL 60 Knobs is published as open source, so he's working on something that will allow you to do just that, control MIDI from incoming CV, but also working on internal CV routing and attenuation. This could enable you to store and recall CV routings and control. We like the sound of this. 

Million Machine March 60 knobs and jacks

Chris tells us that this is likely to be a DIY/Kit project.

I am just now starting to play with more of the internal routing.  And I am excited with the possibilities.   I have been able to route several virtual knobs/functions to one jack and then control all of them with one CV source.  

I also have been able to push positive voltage through the 0V/GND rail and 'raise' all mapped values simultaneously.  That has been  lot of fun to do too.  As for a more intelligent switching method of routing the internals, I have not gone down that road yet, and there might be some need to do so.  But for the time being, you can easily use basic multiple connectors like this one pictured to patch many duplicate CV sources into many destinations.  I left lots of room around the jacks for this purpose.

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