Sonic Lab: 1010 Music Bitbox Sampler and Toolbox Review

We take a look at two new boxes from 1010Music      02/04/18
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1010 Music create a range of Eurorack products all based around the same sort of touch screen interface. This interface allows them to create a workflow that in many ways takes the best bits from working on a computer and brings them out into the Eurorack ecosystem.. 

The two units we were looking at here is the Toolbox and the Bitbox

Toolbox is the sequencer heart of the range, it gives you a super simple piano roll style interface for programming sequences and also four gate programmers, LFOs and more. As well as this it also outputs and inputs MIDI data so allows you to work with other gear in your studio as well. 

The Bitbox is a sampler that gives you many of the benefits of the samplers of yesteryear and combines them with things from programs like Ableton and Reason. However with an up to date CV and Gate interface which allows you to interface nicely with the rest of your eurorack gear. 

Both of these units give you a lot within a relatively small space, so if space is at a premium for you then this may well be the route that you want to start considering going down. 

I don't think this way of working is for everyone, however if you want an easy to use sampler to do things that you're used to doing when working on the computer then the Bitbox is definitely the one for you. 

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