Need Some Authentic Instruments? - ROLI Can Help

Impressive range of SWAM instruments expanded      30/03/18

If you own one of the ROLI Seaboard products, you probably already know about the expressive nature of the playing surface - admittedly it does take a bit of practice and technique to get the most out of it. 

The NOISE app for iOS and Android also comes as part of the deal with the Blocks range. You can add soundpacks to that with in-app purchases. The SWAM  (Synchronous Wave Audio Modeling)  instruments are third party add-on instruments  by Audio Modeling, and are very realistic: SWAM Woodwinds, Strings, Saxophones, Quartets (Bass and Treble) and now the new SWAM Flutes are all $9.99 add ons.

As the demo illuistrates well, they aren't too shabby.

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