ROLI Introduces The Songmaker Kit Worldwide

US Hardware and software package lets you make music anywhere      28/03/18

ROLI Introduces The Songmaker Kit Worldwide

ROLI today announced that their Songmaker Kit - which features, Seaboard Block (see our review), Lightpad Block M and Loop Block together with ROLI's excellent Equator MPE enabled synthesizer, the Strobe Player, Tracktion Waveform and Ableton Live Lite

These units connect via USB (Seaboard Block), or Bluetooth Lightpad Block M and Loop Block. These can then either talk to the iOS noise App, or other MIDI destinations and snap together.

Previously only available in limited numbers via The Songmaker Kit is now available via, Guitar Center and Harrods amongst others. Priced at $649.95/£549.95/€599.95.

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