Eurorack's Most Rock N Roll Sounding Module?

WMD's Mantic Conceptual FLEX is adapted from the Mantic Flex guitar pedal      23/03/18

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WMD tells us that their Mantic Conceptual - FLEX is an amazing and unique effect originally designed and released in a guitar pedal format. They recently teamed up with the Mantic team to adapt that pedal into a Eurorack module. Here's what they have to say about it...

Initially released in 2014, the Mantic Flex lead the charge in the recent upsurge of PLL (phase locked loop) popularity and continues to set itself apart from other PLL's in that it is an original design and not a Schumann derivative. The Flex Pro is voiced and biased to offer what we found to be the most readily usable range of PLL sounds in a broad musical context, without compromising the users ability to experiment.

Notable users include Nick Reinhardt, Adrian Belew, Jack White, Justin Meldal-Johnson, Simon Francis, Claudio Sanchez, Ikey Owens, and Juan Alderete.

Added features in the Eurorack module include full voltage control, integrated input VCA, a dry/wet mix, VCO Offset control as well as a CV Octave control that interacts with the VCO Offset. 

Recommended for use as an effect with quick enveloped sounds, percussion, snappy basslines, VCOs and as an aux send as it will create something new and exciting out of anything you throw at it.

  • Same PLL circuit as the original Flex, Flex PRO, and FLEX xs guitar pedals.
  • Wild range of sounds and controllability
  • Creates a new and inspiring voice out of anything you put in
  • Dry/Wet mix for added versatility
  • Input VCA with offset changes tone drastically based on input level set. 
  • The most rock n roll sounding Eurorack module of all time.*


*just an opinion

In the video WMD go through the features and knobset of the Mantic Euro Flex integrated into a modular synthesizer.  They run bass lines, Drums, and an entire mix through it by using it as an auxillary send on the WMD Performance Mixer.

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