HoRNet Releases A Dynamic EQ

US DynEq offers a natural way to fix resonances      23/03/18

HoRNet Releases A Dynamic EQ

HoRNet DynEq is a dynamic equaliser, a tool designed to apply a specific equalization curve proportionally to the intensity of the input signal. Here's the details in HoRNet's own words...

This description may sound complicated, but think about how many times you have found a track that had a specific resonance (maybe a bass guitar with a string louder than the others) and cutting the whole frequency with a standard EQ removed too much, a dynamic EQ applies the filter only when the signal intensity is above a given threshold.

DynEq uses a simple but effective approach to this kind of processing, it provides one parametric band of equalization with the standard controls: frequency, gain and q, with this controls you can filter a specific resonance or increase a given frequency that is lacking in the track, if you need to control more than one band you can simply put one more instance of DynEq after the first one, and so on. We decided to take this simple approach to be able to provide a simple plugin with a few controls that will let you concentrate only on the sound.

DynEq adds our usual list of “auto” features to the standard dynamic equalizer controls, we have added an auto speed toggle and and auto threshold.

Auto speed syncs the attack and release of the internal envelope detector, used to evaluate the level of the input, to the host tempo, and exactly to 1/4 note. This allows you to quickly get the speed right.

Auto threshold it’s more complicated, using the setting in the EQ section, compares the specific frequency you are targeting against the input and dynamically adjust the threshold so that at any time only the difference between the input and the specific resonance you are targeting is considered allowing you to change the input gain without affecting the processing.

Once the intensity of the sidechain is above the processing threshold the difference between this setting and the sidechain is computed and used to scale the amount of gain applied by the EQ section creating a very smooth and dynamic effect that improves the signal with the maximum transparency.


  •     One equalizer band with: Frequency, Gain and Q
  •     Full band frequency from 20 to 20000 Hz
  •     Gain adjustable from -15 to +15 dB
  •     Q adjustable from 0.1 to 8
  •     Processing speed from 50 to 1500ms
  •     Adjustable threshold from 0 to -48dB
  •     Automatic speed linked to host tempo
  •     Automatic relative threshold
  •     Eq listen button
  •     Input and sidechain level display
  •     Automatic oversampling to guarantee optimal performance
  •     Mac OS X (>=10.7 intel only) and Windows (Vista and later) support
  •     64bit compatibility both on Mac and Windows
  •     Audio Units, VST, VST3 and AAX format


Pricing and Availability:
10,99 Euro

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