Eurorack Rhythm And Pattern Creation Module

US Abstract Data ADE-33 Event Boss combines 6 sets of algorithms, 36 in total      23/03/18

Abstract Data has announced the launch of their debut rhythm and pattern creation module - the ADE-33 Event Boss. Here’s the details in their own words…

The ADE-33 combines 6 sets of algorithms - with 36 algorithms in total - covering:

  • Variables:     Rhythmic patterns and circadian-style rhythms
  • Multiples:     Clock and LFO multiplication and division by factors from 1-12
  • Probability:  Pseudo-random, probability and chance-based variations
  • Logic:           Classic logic-based functionality
  • Phase:          Phase shifting, time-based delays and swing-style effects
  • Gates:          Trigger, pulse and gate manipulation and generation


The Event Boss is designed to work with any clock, gate, trigger, square wave or PWM-type LFO input. It will take regular clocks and generate rhythms, it will take rhythmic patterns and generate new patterns and it will take irregular and random clocks and generate new, irregular and probability-based patterns and variations.

There is CV control over every parameter so patterns can be rhythmic, continually evolving, entirely random or pretty much any combination the user chooses.

Of course, it can also be used as a utility module to perform various clock division/multiplication, phase-shifting and logic-related tasks. However, it is at its most creative when used as a real-time pattern generator for creating musically useful rhythms and patterns from simple clock, rhythm and CV inputs.

Pricing and Availability:
£199 GBP

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