Store Analog Synth Settings On Your iPhone

SynthPatch iOS app lets you notate and share settings in an intuitive manner      22/03/18

Store Analog Synth Settings On Your iPhone

SynthPatch, an iOS app designed and developed for synth enthusiasts is out now for iPhone.

SynthPatch provides a simple, and compact way of storing patch notations for non-preset synths. Its designers told us, “We’ve all lost too many paper sheets and photos of settings ourselves, and wanted to create a better way to save favourite sounds.”

Currently, SynthPatch supports the Minimoog, SH-101, and Pro One. It includes custom presets, unlimited space for new presets, and will grow to include additional synths, sharing functionality, and more in the future.

Pricing and Availability:

$3.99 at the app store.

More information:





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