Exploring the Tasty Chips GR-1 Granular Synth With Gaz Williams

First impressions of the new unit      21/03/18

The Tasty Chips GR-1 Granular Synth is one of the first hardware units to offer a Granular Synthesis Engine. Its ability to deconstruct samples into tiny slices and particles means there's a whole  world of sonic mayhem and beauty to be discovered.

Its proven to be a popular concept as their Kickstarter campaign, raised an impressive €90,000 Euros last year. Since then the team at Tasty Chips have been working out the manufacturing process and finishing off the OS that runs on the unit.

Gaz was lucky enough to get hold of one of the first units and explores it here in the this video which was recorded as a live stream.

The GR-1 is available for pre-order at the TastyChips.nl website priced at €849



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