4-Track Eurorack Polygonal Pattern Sequencer

Each track of Gibbon Digital's ALAK can have one of 16 different shapes as a pattern      19/03/18

Gibbon Digital has released ALAK, which they describe as a 4-track polygonal pattern sequencer in the Eurorack format. They tell us that each track has it's own output and can have one of 16 different shapes as a pattern. One can alter the angle of the shape for each track creating interesting rhythmic changes on the fly.

A spokesperson said, “While ALAK is easy to use and remains musical most of the time, dangerous and uncharted territories are at the user's fingertips.”

Main Features

  • 4-track pattern sequencer with individual outputs for each track
  • 16/32/64/128 step resolution
  • Dedicated phase-shift for each track
  • RESET input for restarting patterns
  • COPY output, exact copy of TRIG IN for chaining with other modules
  • Red ring of LEDs for visual feedback
  • 12HP Eurorack, 12V


Pricing and Availability:
179€ inc shipping and VAT

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