EboSuite Adds Options For Video Use In Ableton

Software for using video with your live shows and music productions gets an update      15/03/18

EboSuite has had an update. It is an application and a collection of Max for Live devices that allow you to sample, mix and deform video within Ableton Live. Here's what its designers have to say about it...

EboSuite : Make Music With Video

EboSuite is video sampling, edit, mix and visual effects software aimed specifically at musicians and audiovisual artists using Ableton Live. EboSuite provides an unrivalled way of integrating video into live shows and music productions. It enables musicians to produce/perform their own video clips and visual music without having to learn about complex video editing or VJ software.

EboSuite consists of a growing set of plug-ins, designed to fit seamlessly in the creative workflow of music producers and performers. Everything that needs to be done to create and publish video compositions can be done straight from Ableton Live. All video processing is done outside of Ableton Live in the dedicated EboSuite application that runs in the background to maximise performance and reliability.

EboSuite demo from EboSuite on Vimeo.


Pricing and Availability:

Introductory price €99 (standard price €179)

More information:





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