Dreadbox and Polyend Are Making A Monster - Medusa

Part sequencer and part Dreadbox analog      15/03/18

Dreadbox and Polyend Are Making A Monster - Medusa

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Set to drop in May this year - Superbooth time, this collaboration between the clever designers at  Polyend, those folks who made the giant hardware SEQ with its oversize grid and cunning features, as well as their mechanical drum triggers, and the excellent analog instincts of Greek synth designers Dreadbox - you know how we feel about their stuff.

The Medusa is a combination of technologies, we don't have the details yet, but we have it on good authority, that this project started small and gew into what it has become - which looks like the best both companies have to offer.

Polyend and Dreadbox Medusa


Obviously its not got the fully extended pad set of the SEQ, but more a 8x8 pad grid. and we hope the analog voice has plenty of that good stuff that the Dreadbox folks seem to be so good at. We're all ears, tell us more!

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