Classic Analog Synth Recreated For Reason

ES-01 emulation of entry-level monosynth adds sub oscillator, unison and polyphony      26/02/18

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Ekssperimental Sounds says that the ES01 is a faithful recreation of a beloved analog classic for Reason. They say that, while the hardware which the ES01 is based on was originally marketed as an entry-level synth, it is still a popular tool of many professional artists for its ease of use in getting great sounds, particularly leads and bass lines.

A spokesperson told us, "The ES01 is not a 1:1 emulation - it also has additional features like Sub Oscillator, Unison and last but not least, Polyphony. The Touch Data Programmer with its Global Settings and modulation matrix together with the CV connectivity of the Reason Rack gives ES01 massive tweaking possibilities. This all makes the ES01 unique and quite capable of producing many classic analog synth sounds like fat basses, vibrant pads, synthetic arpeggios and leads that cut through the mix. Ekssperience the sound of the past with the possibilities of the future with the ES01 Analog Synthesizer."


  •     VCO with 5 waveforms including triangle, sawtooth, square, rectangle, and PWM
  •     Feet Selector from 32′ to 4′ with “WN” (white noise) setting
  •     Sub Oscillator with selectable waveforms (-1 or -2 octaves) including noise
  •     VCO/Sub Oscillator mixer
  •     VCF with default 12 dB/octave filter and option for 24 dB/octave slope
  •     LFO with 5 waveforms including sine, triangle, saw, square and random
  •     Glissando with options for “stepped” or “smooth” transitions between notes
  •     ADSR Envelope Generator
  •     Prerouted Breath Control
  •     Touch Data Programmer with 16 slot modulation matrix (divided into two pages)
  •     Wide sounding unison
  •     Polyphony (16 voices, 8 voices with unison engaged)
  •     Analog Drift and Noise settings on the back panel
  •     Pitch Bend range of +/-24
  •     Optional extended ranges for VCF, LFO, PWM Speed, and Mod Wheel
  •     Tempo Sync options for LFO and PWM
  •     CV Inputs: Gate, Note, Mod Wheel, Pitch Bend, BC, 4 assignable
  •     CV Outputs: LFO, 4 assignable
  •     Over 300 presets


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€59.00 until March 31 (regular price: €79.00)

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