Acustica Introduces AZURE Mastering Tool

Zino Mikorey's holographic three dimensional sound in a plug-in      23/02/18

Acustica Introduces AZURE Mastering Tool

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Acustica is taking pre-orders for AZURE, which they describe as a zero-compromise mastering solution. They say that due to its classy tone and unusual flexibility Azure will become an indispensable tool when you mix and master. Here’s the details in their own words…

Thanks to Mirco Reimer alias Analog in the Box the Acustica team called on Zino Mikorey, one of most celebrated Mastering Engineers in Europe to mark the birth of an exciting project for all of us.

This beauty of a plug-in delivers the sound of a custom made vacuum tube passive mastering equalizer and the most accurate digital representation of Zino Mikorey's holographic three dimensional sound to date.

Each component of the signal chain was carefully selected to give you the fidelity of Zino’s state of the art mastering studio.

Azure is a faithful emulation of a passive hand-made equalizer characterized by tube make-up stages and the finest transformers - ideal for mastering.

The transparency and three dimensional quality of the original product is unmatched in the industry.

The life it can breathe into mixes, vocals and instruments is something you need to hear for yourself to explore it’s possibilities.

Compared to similar designs it sounds more "like a record" and it’s transparency makes it possible to be used on all kinds of genres, from classical to deep techno.

Explore the possibilities shifting sounds around in the 3D image, creating depth and width that never sounds processed or on top of the music.

Let's explore some of the primary features of Azure...

The plugin captures even the smallest of the sonic details and behavior of the original unit.
While having the tone and the sound purity of passive designs, Azure has precise sound-shaping capabilities with a Q control available for all bands.

Both stereo and mid-side operational modes are available.

Azure also truthfully reproduces the dynamic "transformer sound" of the original design as well as the characteristics of Zino’s signal path.

One thing that makes Azure different from the hardware is the summing topology of the bands. Azure reacts more like a conventional equalizer where all bands are in series, always giving you the exact level of boost or cut dialed. This makes for easier evaluation of the applied processing when compared to the passive parallel hardware design.

Pricing and Availability:
143.65 € introductory price (regular price 169.00 €)

Free 30 day trial available.

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