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Clarity M Desktop Audio Meter adds tools and visualizers tailored for music production      21/02/18

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TC Electronic has announced a comprehensive software update for their Clarity M hardware meter which they say may satisfy the needs of audio professionals working in music production that are looking for tools to help them improve their mixes.

Thomas Valter, Director of Product Management, told us, “The initial version of Clarity M was heavily influenced by the workflow and requirements of the broadcast industry. But as we’ve seen a lot of producers, mixing engineers, musicians and live DJs adopt the meter, we have for a long time wanted to give it a major overhaul with more focus on music production."

Here’s more details direct from TC…

The new features of Clarity M all aim at making life easier for the audio engineers, and ensure that their final deliveries sound their best, no matter the playback system.

On top of an added offline metering mode and support for 96 kHz digital stereo input, the updated version features new dedicated stereo tools, such as a customizable vector scope and a combined Left-Right and Mid-Side balance meter.

Already adopted by many producers, mixing engineers, musicians and live DJs around the world, TC Electronic expects that the updated version will see Clarity M find its way to even more consoles, mixing desks and bedroom recording stations.

All additions coming with the 2.0 update:

  • Customizable vector scope
  • Stereo mid/side Balance-O-Meter
  • Fast offline plug-in mode
  • Increased number of PPM meter scales
  • Color scheme tweaks that improves readability, especially in low-light scenarios
  • Highly improved flexibility to display layout
  • New application specific presets
  • General improvements to usability


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Free software download.

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