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A platform for customised royalty-free music      13/02/18

Soundwhich is a platform which claims to offer a new way to customize music from high quality “Musical Ingredients”. Basically anyone looking for a royalty-free soundtrack for a video can pick a number of elements that fit together to make it. Those elements are initially created by musicians and music producers, so if you are interested in supplying some music and making a bit of money from it, check out the video at the bottom of the page. Here's  what the Soundwhich people have to say about the platform...

 You have created a wonderful video. Now you’re shopping for the perfect soundtrack. You’re thinking about some R&B vocals singing over funky guitar, with retro bass plus reggae beats. The idea quickly slips your mind because it costs you thousands to hire a musician to compose for you and will take weeks to complete. At the end of the day, you put up with a mediocre song because that’s what you get with the money and time.

What if you can have your perfect soundtrack, for just a few bucks and right in front you?

Here is Soundwhich, an online platform with tons of high quality “musical ingredients” pre-recorded by musicians around the world. To make your perfect soundtrack, you just pick R&B vocal, funky guitar, retro bass and reggae beat. That’s it! Your perfect soundtrack is ready to serve. It’s as easy as making a sandwich! Yes, Soundwhich and sandwich. You caught me!

Wait, that sounds too good, right? Well! It really is good. You have full access to Soundwhich’s library for free. When you decide which music ingredients you’d like to use in your video, you only pay for your picks. You don’t need to pay anything extra for the next time you use the same retro bass you absolutely love. For the new soundtrack, you can use that same bass with jazz piano and live drums to create a totally different feel. Under the hood of Soundwhich’s foolproof interface, all ingredients are perfectly synchronized from start to finish. You can be fearless in your big idea and fully focus on assembling your perfect soundtrack.

Soundwhich musicians quote their own music ingredients independently. You can easily find ingredients priced as low as $0 up to $50. Three tiers of royalty free music licenses are available so that you pay nothing more than your intended use. Lite is best for non-commercial use. Standard is recommended for commercial use and it applies x2 to price with a cap whereas Premium unlocks all commercial use cases with an x5 factor.

Want your perfect soundtrack? Soundwhich lets you have it for just a few bucks and right in front you.

If you want to get involved check out this Artist page. This video shows you how to compose music to Soundwhich guidelines.


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