Plug-In Generates Infinite Variations Of A Sound

AudioTexture can generate complexity from a simple sound      12/02/18

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LeSound by AudioGaming tells us that AudioTexture generates sounds, variations or loops for a given sound file.

A spokesperson told us, "There are enormous creative possibilities with AudioTexture: use one simple sound and generate layered sounds with multiple instances of AudioTexture, or use several sound files with multiple instances of AudioTexture to compose a sound scene. AudioTexture works best for static sound textures or well-defined transient sound events but you can try with any sounds and the results may surprise you. Since it generates infinitely variations from a given sound, you can use it as a time-stretching effect for sound textures."

Le Sound says that AudioTexture comes with 3 descriptor controls in addition to the position control convenient for creating various unit sequences based on perceptually meaningful descriptors.

  •     Energy: Instantaneous energy.
  •     Noisiness: The amount of high-frequency content.
  •     Brightness: The spectral energy center, higher the value brighter the sound.


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