Eurorack Module From SH-101 To Pro One

Miasma Dual Voice oscillator is based on Curtis CEM3340 chips used in legendary '80s synths      06/02/18


Miasma : Classic Dual Voice Eurorack Synthesizer Module

Halcyon Modular is raising funds for Miasma : Classic Dual Voice Eurorack Synthesizer Module on Kickstarter! A pure analog oscillator module based on the Curtis CEM3340 chips used in legendary '80s synths, with new & innovative signal patching

Halcyon Modular are launching their first Eurorack module, Miasma, on Kickstarter. They tell us that they wanted a module that could range from Roland SH-101 to Sequential Pro One sounds that they could plug into Eurorack, so developed the only Dual Voice CEM oscillator, containing the same chip in those and other classic 80s synths.

A spokesperson told us, "A pure analog, dual oscillator module for Eurorack. Great synthesizer sound starts with a great oscillator, and an oscillator is at the heart of every synthesizer voice. We designed the Miasma Voltage Controlled Oscillator (VCO) to bring that classic '80s synthesizer sound back to Eurorack modular systems. We just couldn't find any currently available oscillators with the sound textures and capabilities that we wanted, so we had to design our own; and now you get to own one as well. There are many unique capabilities built into Miasma that you won't find in any other oscillator module, like the built-in patching and cross modulation structures that make Miasma so flexible in your rack."

Miasma Features:

  • 16 HP Eurorack Module (3U Standard Rack Height)
  • (2) Pure Analog, Triangle Core Oscillators (V3340D or CEM3340)
  • (8) Knobs, Course & Fine Frequency, PWM, & FM  (A & B)
  • (2) Triangle Wave Outputs (A & B Oscillators)
  • (2) Sawtooth Wave Outputs (A & B Oscillators)
  • (2) Square Wave Outputs (A & B Oscillators)
  • (2) Sub-Octave Outputs (A Oscillator, 1 & 2 Octaves below)
  • (2) Volt per Octave Inputs (A & B Oscillators)
  • (2) Frequency Modulation (FM) Inputs (A & B Oscillators)
  • (2) Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) Inputs (A & B Oscillators)
  • (2) "Soft" Synchronization (Sync) Inputs (A & B Oscillators)
  • (2) "Hard" Synchronization (Lock) Inputs (A & B Oscillators)
  • (3) Audio Mixers, mixing the main three A & B Oscillator Outputs
  • Supports Bus CV & Gate Signals (with 16 pin power connector)
  • Requires only +12V/-12V (compatible with 10 pin power connector)


Pricing and Availability:

See Kickstarter page.

More information:





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