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Sinevibes Malfunction II filter features intentionally broken connections      05/02/18

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Sinevibes has announced Malfunction II, a big update to its circuit-bent filter Audio Unit plugin for Mac. They say that Malfunction is a filter with intentionally broken connections and erroneous math that produces very special, hissy and screaming distortion. To tame this dramatic effect the plugin includes a low-pass pre-filter with a booster, as well as an output gate followed by a multi-mode filter.

A spokesperson told us, "Malfunction also has two highly versatile tempo-synchronized modulation generators routed into the circuit-bent and the output filters for intricate morphing and pulsations: they feature many different waveforms including our special 'broken triangle' and 'staircase'. Plus, these modulators also offer variable chaos control which gradually adds random, never-repeating accents on each individual waveform cycle."


• Completely new product, redesigned inside and out.
• All-new hardware-accelerated user interface graphics.
• Built-in gate to prevent endless self-oscillation.
• Two freshly developed modulation generators with new "broken triangle" and "broken saw" waveforms.
• Much improved computational efficiency with 2.5x reduced processor load.


• Unique "circuit-bent" filter algorithm producing thick, hissy and screaming distortion.
• Multi-mode state-variable filter with 8 algorithms for detailed output spectrum shaping.
• Two modulation generators with 10 waveforms and variable chaos.
• Transport sync with support for tempo and time signature changes.
• Color-coded controls with lightly animated transitions.
• Fully hardware-accelerated rendering with support for Retina screen resolution.

Pricing and Availability:
Malfunction II is now available for $29 as an Audio Unit plugin for macOS 10.6 or later (32/64 bit).

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