NAMM 2018: Apogee Announces AD/DA Module

Special Edition 2x6 I/O Module for Symphony I/O Mk II      24/01/18

NAMM 2018: Apogee Announces AD/DA Module

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Apogee Electronics has announced a new 2x6 Special Edition AD/DA module for their flagship Symphony I/O Mk II series. They say that, designed specifically for mastering engineers, whose critical work demands ultimate sonic performance, Symphony I/O Mk II 2x6 SE offers the highest quality AD/DA conversion of any Apogee converter ever.

Symphony I/O Mk II 2x6 SE takes advantage of the latest advancements in digital and analog audio technology offering two line level inputs with 124 dB (A) of dynamic range, THD+N of -116dB and six line level outputs with 131dB (A) dynamic range and an astonishingly low THD+N of -118dB. Lucas Van Der Mee, Apogee's Senior Hardware Engineer, told us, "These are real measurements, taken with our lab test equipment and not just 'data sheet' specs. The new 2x6 SE will outperform just about anything in the any price."

The D/A stage incorporates the latest DAC technology, carefully optimized to offer mastering engineers the ultimate transparency to make critical adjustments with confidence. Apogee says that whether you're working with analog outboard gear or digitally in a DAW on your computer, the 2x6 SE retains every bit of warmth, punch and image in your recordings and signal processing chain. 

Symphony I/O Mk II 2x6 SE is now available in Thunderbolt and Pro Tools HD configurations, or may be purchased separately to expand existing Symphony I/O Mk II configurations.

Pricing and Availability:
Symphony I/O Mk II 2x6 SE Thunderbolt - $2995/£2649 RRP ex VAT
Symphony I/O Mk II 2x6 SE HD - $2995/£2649 RRP ex VAT
Symphony I/O Mk II 2x6 SE Module - $1895/£1649 GBP RRP ex VAT

All versions are shipping now from Apogee, arriving in the UK in early February 2018.

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