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Audio Vitamins Life is a delay, with vibrato and tremolo sections and M/S operation      15/01/18

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Audio Vitamins describes Life as a delay, with vibrato and tremolo sections, which can also operate in mid-side mode, with options for creating subtle movement and shimmer to bouncy 'phasey' delays. They say that Life can be used for double tracking guitars, adding chorus, Leslie speaker style panning, adding some air on a drum kit to sound design on synths creating new textures and sounds.

A spokesperson told us, "Sometimes when we're mixing or writing music, we are looking for something to give a track a little lift, other times we need to take a sample and give it a bit of sweetening, to make it fit properly with the rest of the mix. This is where Life stems from, being able to add a little bit of magic and movement to a track makes it come alive that little bit more. Need double tracked guitars and want them to sound as if they were played separately without a standard delay or a uniformly applied pitch adjustment? Life can take a mono guitar and send it to both left and right, applying small amounts of pitch and amplitude modulations to make them sound uniquely recorded and more importantly filling up the mix."


  • Tempo sync'd pitch and amplitude modulation
  • Stereo and mid/side modes
  • 100ms short delay
  • Feedback loop to delay post pitch modulation
  • Stereo width control
  • 12db/octave high and low pass filters

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